Introduction - new blog!

I have written articles and posts all over in the past.  I have never really set aside the time to post a personal blog on my site.  Now though with all the different social networks, photo sites, client questions and general inquiries that I receive I plan on taking the time to make regular (or semi-regular) posts here.  

I often market myself as a headshot photographer in Orange County, CA.  I love shooting headshots because I often see the reactions from the person I am working with while we are shooting. 

Everyone feels awkward in front of the camera (almost everyone)! I work to break that awkwardness down and get their personality out and into their images.  Other than headshots I also shoot families, portraits and corporate libraries.  The corporate libraries are shot to give the company an image bank that they may use for 1-3 years in their marketing, annual reports, etc. 

Carlsbad Flower Fields - PhotoExtract featured photogrpher

When I'm not shooting a subject directly I love to get out and shoot landscapes, architecture and other areas that catch my eyes.  One of my recent shots from the Carlsbad Flower Fields this spring earned me the featured photographer spot on PhotoExtract.  

Bookmark my blog, or just come back now and then, I will post as often as I can and want to hear from anyone that may be reading me.