Catching the unexpected...Irvine Proposal Photography

I went out tonight to get used to shooting some long'ish exposures with the Hasselbad and just put it into some situations that I haven't shot it with yet.  As I started walking down from Crystal Cove parking to the beach it just wasn't looking to be much a night sky wise, really anything.  This was going to leave me with just some time to mess around with my graduated filters and ND filters and see what I could do.  I just got my 35MM Hasselblad lens a ring adapter for my Lee filters and wanted to see if it was going to have any problems. 


Walking down the beach there were all the usual couples, runners, kids, other people out taking pictures hoping the sun would do something that they could catch and remember for a long time to come.  I came around a little bend in the beach and saw this couple standing, holding hands, surrounded by tiki torches completely in their own world, clearly nothing existed outside these two.

I was on the phone and had to hang up quick when he took a knee, asked her to marry him and then snap a few off while they held each other for a good 15 minutes or so.  I really could have been right next to them and they wouldn't have noticed they were so lost in each other and the moment.   


As they were starting to relax I went up and wished them congratulations, they were a really cure couple, I gave them my contact info and let them know they could come on here and find a few pictures and I was pretty sure I got the one of them. 

Congratulation Tyler and Courtney (I think ?!!)


Not I think on the congrats but on the names, spur of the moment, I have a good memory but I had a bunch of other stuff on my mind.  If  you guys see this contact me and I will send  you over the high res pictures so you can print something out and have a great memory.

Way to go Tyler! That was a beautiful classy setup and from the look of it you started off the weekend the best way possible!