Irvine | Family Portrait Sessions

One of my goals when I shoot with my clients is to build memories for them that they will want to showcase.  While I do the standard 8x10, 5x7 and 11x14 prints I really love shooting art for my clients homes and working with them after to build collections that they can take up a wall with or showcase in other ways.

After talking with a number of my families that I have worked with I found that nearly all of them wanted to order large prints, acrylic prints or canvas prints or multiples but could really see how it would look in the space.  In the past I have had families tape paper to the wall, and that shows them the group or the size but they really cannot get an idea of how it will look in their home with the actual print.

I knew I had to do something, something that would let them see how the actual prints would look on whatever way they were ordering, from frames, to canvas to other types of prints.  

Below is what I came up with, I have my families now send me a picture of their wall (or walls) with a regular 8.5x11 piece of paper on it.  I ask them to scoot as far back as they can and get the surrounding furniture so we see the room and not just the wall.  From that I figure out exactly how big the furniture, the wall and everything else and start putting together designs based on their request.

I had a family this week that went through about 5 design with me on different groupings and decided on 6 medium size canvas prints.  All of the canvas prints from our Irvine photography studio are mounted on 1.5" thick solid wood frames and look beautiful, take a look below!  This is exactly how it will look on THEIR wall with THEIR actual images!

Canvas grouping sample

One thing about ordering canvas, the more you order, the more I can discount, I have to pay for canvas by the foot, and if I can arrange the print to save canvas I can pass some savings on to you.