Professional Headshots for Job Seekers

I have another page on this site (why headshots?) that talks about why different people would want headshots and how they are very important for people in all industries.  It is so important that you have a professional headshot and recruiters and potential employers are keen on this.

Tonight I was reading an article on and two particular quotes in the article stuck out at me:

"add a professional picture of yourself. Not a picture of you mountain climbing or in a restaurant but a professional picture."
M. Liptack


"Get a professional head shot - no pictures with Daffy Duck while you're wearing your muscle shirt please (actual photo)."
J.P. Engel


These were two professionals in the industry, one a president of a company and one a senior recruiter at a technology company.  This doesn't mean your headshot needs to be shot on a white background, what it does mean is that it needs to show you, in a professional, confident and approachable manner.  

Headshot in our Irvine Studio

Headshot in our Irvine Studio

Who you decide to work with is a key decision.  A headshot from a competent headshot photographer (I am a headshot photographer in Irvine) is not a $100 task.  It is an investment.  That investment though is an investment in your brand, in you.  It could, in todays competitive job market be the difference between even getting in the door for that next great position.

If you are wondering what you can expect when you come into our studio to get your headshots in Irvine shot you can plan on spending 1-2 hours, and bring as many looks (tops, jackets, shirts, etc) as you feel you want to so we can get you a variety of looks.  This way you have images for LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, your Corporate portal, your business card and more.  After a session with us shooting your headshots you can plan on having anywhere between 8-15 different final images to use.

If you would like to see the article at Salary Toolkit click here It is a great overall article on changes you can make to make your LinkedIn job searching more efficient.