Why do you need a headshot?! These 5 reasons!

You need a great, professional headshot! Here's why:

  1. Your image is your first impression! - You contacts, potential clients, potential employers are going to google, make your first impression the strongest possible
  2. You are often first judged by your picture - Just like how you judge my work when you came to this site people are judging you by your online image
  3. A professional headshot can be used for many years - when you invest the time and effort in doing the headshot professionally, the quality of it makes it usable for many years
  4. Send the right message about yourself - Having a professional headshot shows that you have made an investment in your professional appearance.  You take yourself seriously, you are professional, potential employers, clients, recruiters and others will take you more so
  5. You'll use it everywhere on the Internet - next time an online service asks for your profile picture, you'll have it ready

Contact us today to see how we can you strengthen your personal brand.  You are building your brand more than ever with every interaction you have online.  Let us help you start making your personal brand a strong one.   NicholsImages can come onsite to photograph your team all at once and ensure that your organizations headshots are consistent across the organization.  We also photograph headshots in Orange County in our Irvine Headshot studio.  Headshots in our Irvine studio are a convenient way to come in for 20-40 minutes and leave with a range of looks for your professional headshots that will last for years.