HI Chloe, Gavin and Christine!

I wanted to send this over to you.  I have put the photos up in a gallery here that you can send to people to view (this page is not linked on the internet, only viewable by the URL I sent you and a password of Chloe2013 ) .  

Feel free to send this to anyone that you would like to view the images as well as being able to download the files.  

Also - if you know anyone that may have a need for a photographer in the area for a party, portraits, headshots (corporate, professional, social media, etc), have them contact me and mention you sent them and I will give the a discount on my services.

Also, if you need these printed (you are more than welcome to print however you want) let me know and I can send you a quote for printing.

Thanks for having us!

Bill Nichols

Photo Gallery

The low res / online versions are directly below.  You can download the full hi-res versions at the link below.  They are in one large zip file that is 450+MB so please be patient, it may take awhile to download.