Irvine Headshot Photographer

I shoot headshots, and so much more.  Whether it is actor or corporate headshots, birthday parties, family portraits, or event photography I love what I do, and I always work to get you the shots you need.  

I live in Orange County, California and have travelled all over for assignments.  I love working with people and when we work together you will see this.  Photography is my passion and having worked in different locations all over the world has given me a great opportunity over the years and broadened my perspective and style.

I am available for many different styles of photography.  While I advertise as a Headshot and Portrait photographer I am available for Corporate / Environmental photography.  This includes photography for annual reports, executive board bio photos, corporate headshots and more.  I am also available for and love to work with families, this include family portrait sessions either at your house or locations that you may prefer, birthday parties and other events. 

Contact me today, I would love to work with you and see how we can get you what you need and hopefully much more!


Confidence with Approachability

Headshot photography is no longer just for actors and media professionals.  With the increase in exposure that everyone has through social media sites, industry associations, online resumes, corporate directories and more most people in a professional field need headshots that will set them apart.  When a potential employer or network contact finds you on LinkedIn the first thing they see is your profile picture, if you don't have one your profile not only looks incomplete but it is less attractive for someone to explore further, if you have a great headshot profile picture it makes you stand out from the crowd that much more.