Why Headshots are Important...

Business Headshot - Recent Grad

Business Headshot - Recent Grad

The headshot is one of the only photos you will ever get where YOU are the product.  The headshot is how you are selling yourself to a potential audience.  That audience could be an agent or manager if you are actor.  Potential clients, an online audience if you are a blogger or online creator.  It could be to potential employers or investors in a business venture.  Your headshot should reflect you, it should show your personality and give off a feeling of confidence and approachability.

Who can benefit?

In short, YOU!  There are an endless number of careers that can benefit from a a professional headshot.  

Actors, performers, singers, models

Benefit greatly from professional headshots, if you don't have a top notch headshot you are selling yourself short and not getting in the door of the auditions that you should be.  


Doctors, Executives, Senior Managers, Consultants, Attorneys, Speakers, Realtors, online media professionals almost always need a great, professional headshot.  When your image is going to be online, or in a corporate directory, corporate portal, marketing materials or on sites like LinkedIn or other social presences your headshot is you.  The difference in having a photo online and not is huge.  Forbes recently published  

"One of the biggest mistakes I see is no photo,” Williams says. “You’re seven times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have one."  (forbes)

  How valuable is the difference to you on a site like LinkedIn where you would have a 700% increase in potential clients, employers or contacts clicking on your profile to learn about what you offer?


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