Sky | Irvine Headshot Photography

Sky is an actor that is hustling through Hollywood and came to us for new headshots.  He was quite a character and had that thick British accent that everyone seems to love. 

Headshot with digital medium format - Hasselblad

Headshot with digital medium format - Hasselblad

Sky was brilliant to work with and we were able to get a number of different looks for him.  We like putting him in differenly light setups so he could get a number of different looks for his cards. 

When we work with actors there is a bit more process than with a corporate or other type of headshot clients.  Actors need a number of looks and often it will take longer to get the shots from them that they really need.

Our typical actor session lasts between 2.5-4 hours.  We don't put a cap on time or looks, we are shooting until we get you a wide variety of shots that you have to show your range when you step in for an audition.  The most important thing is that our actor headshots are going to show you as confident, approachable and give you that edge to get more auditions.

Headshot clients of ours want headshots that highlight them and are a professional representation of their business.  We started by focusing on headshots and corporate photography in Irvine and know that we will get imagery for you and your business that represents your personal brand.  Your headshot is your brand, work with us to highlight your brand the best way possible.