Social Media Headshot

Social Media Headshot

A Headshot Session


A headshot session with me will include as many "looks" as we need to make sure we get the shots we need.  I don't book a specific amount of time with you.  As a guideline for actor headshots we will typically spend between 2 and 4 hours together for the shoot.  During this time we are going over photos for each look, getting rid of what doesn't work and highlighting what does and keeping the flow going through the shoot.  A lot of headshot photographers or photographers are going to charge you per look or say that you get an hour and 4 looks.  That isn't my way of working, I don't want to rush things, I want you to get a variety of shots and you should because your headshots need to show range.  Your headshot is what a casting director are going to first look at to see if you are a potential fit for a role.  We will probably shoot between 350-600 shots per shoot and narrow those down to your best 50-100.  I shoot tethered to a 27" inch Mac so we can see the shots as they come up, in large format and make changes on the fly.  This gives us a lot higher ratio of great shots, everyone looks good on a 2" inch screen on the back of a camera, let's see these images live on a big screen so we know what we're getting.

For corporate and professional sessions my philosophy and workflow is much the same but we usually need less time.  For most corporate session we are finished in an hour and you are either leaving with your shots or they available online with 48 hours.    

What do I wear?

Actors headshots

I suggest your bring between 8 and 12 different looks.  We are shooting headshots here so really just the tops matter.  Make sure whatever you bring to wear you feel comfortable and confident in, something you would normally wear (style wise).  This isn't really the time to try something new that you aren't normally going to wear.  If you don't like what you are wearing that will show.  

Bring all different kinds of tops, tank tops, crew neck, sleeveless tops, spaghetti straps, dresses can work too, something that you really like wearing!  If you are wearing something you like that will come through in the quality of your shots!  Don't bring all the same colors!  While I do want you to definitely bring some great black and white pieces, bring a variety of colors, we are going to work everything you bring to get great shots!  Lastly, no busy patterns or big stripes or the like.  We want people to focus on YOU not what you are wearing.

Corporate / Professional Headshots

Our goal is to get you shots that work for the purpose you are getting them.  If that means a suit and tie for an executive profile then bring a few choices, bring a couple jackets, a few shirts, a couple ties.  We can shoot a number of different looks both with and with jacket, tie, etc.  If you normally just wear a shirt or a blouse bring that. Same basic rules as above, avoid crazy stripes and patterns, bring some neutrals and some colors.  While you're here we can also get some other shots that are more casual or candid for you.  Bring some fun clothes, could be some active wear, jeans t-shirt type look, whatever you think you may want to get.